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Swedish cold, French finesse, Swiss quality

/discover the universe

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/Fine Art Prints

Bring a piece of art into your home with Angel's Open & Limited Edition Fine Art Photography collection. Display the beauty of the Night to sublime your wall, whether you want to showcase a starry sky, majestic ice caves, or captivating mountain peaks.

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/Photo guide

Discover and capture Switzerland's most breathtaking landscapes by night. This digital guide covers everything you need to know about locations from some of Angelica's most iconic images. From hike itinerary & star planning to composition examples, these natural gems will have no secret for you to create the finest images.

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/the artist

Originally from Sweden and France, Angelica is a Swiss landscape photographer and composite artist bringing the night to the light of day. Her art combines the elegance and roughness nature provides into sublime images to bring pristine beauty.

In July 2022, she was awarded the Jury Price at the Swiss Photo Award for her image CASUS.


/The Work

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